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Affordable Foreclosure Assistance

Receive dependable and prompt foreclosure assistance when you turn to Stop Foreclosures. Please only contact me if you need help immediately. Individuals who use these services have either a date scheduled for tomorrow or a sales date that is imminent.

Stop Your Foreclosure Date

Individuals with sales dates that are months out should not use these services. I encourage those individuals to work with mortgage companies and do everything possible to stop foreclosure. When all of these methods fail, Stop Foreclosures will provide you with the best options. 

Simplified Process

Let me guide you through this difficult and stressful time. I offer document preparations, and can even email or fax all the necessary documents for you. I will also find out where the nearest bankruptcy clerk's office is in your zip code. 

Competitive Prices & Low Fees

My fees range anywhere from one-quarter to one-fifth of what attorneys charge, averaging a 70% discount. For your added convenience, I provide all services over the phone, so no appointment is needed.

When Your Foreclosure Date Has Been Set

  • Is your home in foreclosure at this moment? Has an auction date been set?
  • Let me help you. I can stop your foreclosure even if your sale date is for tomorrow.
  • You must act right now. Call me at (800) 595-2916. I have a 100% success rate at stopping the foreclosure, as long as the sale or auction date has not passed.
  • I also have a paralegal expert who will prepare the needed documents to stop your sale date. My fees are much lower than what attorneys charge for the same results.

Contact us today to stop your foreclosure date.